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I am pissed off beyond belief. At the healthcare of the elderly.

My grandmother who I love was just released from a a hospital and taken to an old people's home where they have staff 24/7 to take care of them, and she has suffered great injustice. Apparently, they somehow LOST HER MEDICINES that she fucking needs and thus didn't give them to her. For days. The medicines that she fucking needs. They lost them. The meds the wife of her son brought. I cannot think of a logical reason as to how they could have fucking lost them. On top of that, apparently they took the bracelet that she is supposed to have on her wrist to call for help if she needs some, was placed in a pipe of sorts away from her bed (of which she cannot get out of on her own) in a height that is IMPOSSIBLE for her to reach. in other words, if she needs help, she cannot call for any. And this is just the tip of the iceberg if shit that just happened.

This is beyond disgusting to me. I thought this was a good place where they have professional people who help her. I know my grandmother is old. I know she doesn't a have a lot of time left. But the treatment she has gotten so far is inexcusable and disgusting, it sounds like the people who work there are just...trying to make her die as fast as possible instead of being health care professioanls and doing what they can to make her as comfortable as she can be. The bracelet didnšt stap itself into a pipe she cannot reach on its own The medicines didn't fucking grow legs and walk away. Just what the fuck are the people working there doing.

Thankfully, some complaints will be done. I would be all for suing the fucking place because this is just...I don't even know. This is the grandmother I love, I want her to be comfortable and safe and painless for the time she has left. The people who are supposed to be professionals and taking care of her are certainly not doing their jobs. I am fucking disgusted.
My fellow humans disappoint me. Apparently some people think the mentally retarded people should be locked away somewhere and they should never see the light of day. And the people who aid them out in the public are evil.

I started to work as a personal assistant to a mentally retarded elder man at the beginning of Jyly. Now let me tell you, my boss, this mentally retarded man, is a delighful fellow. I love working with him, though he can be a bit stubborn sometimes. My job is simple; I go out with him. Yes, that's what I get paid for. I go and I take him out for a walk, trip to the library, or to go buy some candy or ice cream or a cup of tea (we even went to theatre, it was really fun). And in the meanwhile I steer him away from epople who have a problem with him. And there have been more than I though of those people.

He's a very social man, he likes to talk to people. Women, mostly. However all he asks is her name, the name of her husband and asks her to say hello to her man for him. That's it. there's nothing perverted about it. Sure it's a bit strange but there's really no harm to it, is there? And honestly, he's so delighted if people speak to him. Even just a few words make him happy.

But the people who act like he's the living manifest of the plague disappoint me. People who look at him with disgust even when he hasn't even talked to them. I don't see why people would react that way at this day and age. He's a human being just like the rest of us.

And I've gotten criticism too, for doing what I do. Apparently I'm an evil fuck for "taking money from a retard". Well, people get paid to do their job yes? This is my job, I do it to the best of my ability and I get paid for it just like everyone else. And I like what I do, I like helping him, I like seeing him so delighted when I come and he knows we will go somewhere together. I fucking take pride on my work. If I wasn't here to do this, he'd be sitting inside alone all day every day. Would that be better?

:icontealdeerplz: Me and my boss should be locked away forever.


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